If you’re like us, you really don’t appreciate when stinky shoes, sports equipment, and other non-washable items are left out in the open. Luckily, Defunkify has created a solution for all the little things that we want to clean but aren’t able to put in the washer. Introducing Defunkify Active Spray, our science-based and eco-friendly gear and shoe odor eliminating spray! This product is the perfect helmet, visor, gym bag, and sport equipment deodorizer because it efficiently removes all the funk without staining your belongings. This gear and sports equipment deodorizer is effective because it safely stops the root causes of bothersome odors. Have questions about our gear and shoe odor eliminating spray? We can help!

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    Active Spray – 4 oz.

    4 fl oz, pump spray


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    Active Spray – 32 oz.

    32 fl oz, trigger spray



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